Firefox 63, whose launch is planned for mid-October, will incorporate new tools against cryptocurrency mining and against the abusive tracking of websites and online services.

Internet tracking

The tool that wants to protect us from being “marked” on the Internet is the new feature “I do not want to be tracked”, added in Firefox 57, released last year. Actually, the function is the same, only now it is much more accessible so that it can be activated by the user easily.

Many websites use what is known as fingerprint, an online record in which relevant information about us is saved, such as the sites we visit or our habits on the network, in order to show us more specific advertising to our tastes and preferences. It is almost impossible to escape from this online tracking. But with Firefox we can do it.

Mining of cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency mining blockade, on the other hand, is a novelty that will arrive in this update. It prevents web applications from using our CPU and in general the resources of our computer to make money at our expense by mining cryptocurrencies, an activity that became popular mid last year.

The websites that do this, hide scripts in their code and, without asking us permission in most cases, they start using the power of our computer chip to make money for them. We will even notice how the processor starts to work faster and even the fan and the refrigerator also start to work more powerfully.

It could have become a good method to replace the annoying ads, but as is being used, taking full advantage of the users, it is all nonsense. Therefore, it is a completely real threat and its use has been dangerously extended for a year now.

When Firefox begins to block these practices, Google Chrome and Safari will be the only large web browsers that have not yet put the batteries to eradicate these practices.


  1. Is “I do not want to be tracked” just a request to sites to not track you, or is it active tracker and ad blocking as on the Samsung mobile browser which actually blocks trackers.

    • All ad blockers are active: they work with a list of forbidden advertisers and ads formats provided by anyone else.


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