Instagram, one of Mark Zuckerberg’s applications, has waged a battle against Snapchat to overcome it in every possible way. So far, the photo app has managed to have a greater number of users, but has not yet managed to surpass Snapchat in terms of the time they spend inside the platform.

To achieve this goal, the company is working on Threads, a messaging tool designed to share real-time location, status, and remaining battery on the phone, among other info. In addition to sharing any data and content in real time, messaging will be the main protagonist of this application. It will include functions with the camera to share photos with friendly contacts.

Will Zuckerberg be able to make his new application succeed this time? Remember that Facebook’s attempts to broaden horizons have not been very successful. Last May he put aside his Direct project, an app that tried to separate direct messages from Instagram, just like Messenger from Facebook. Likewise, Layout and Boomerang, other complementary tools to the photography application, are totally abandoned in the Play Store. Something similar happens to the platform TV, which has just over a million downloads.

It will be necessary to wait for the launch of Threads to see if this time they have succeeded with the approach or if the users will remain faithful to the original Instagram.


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