A new study has revealed that, although we do not have the Facebook application installed, or that we do not even have a Facebook account, the social network collects information about us through third-party applications.

Undoubtedly, 2018 has been a delicate year for Facebook. The company behind the largest social network on the planet has become involved in too many scandals, and it seems that there is no week where we do not know a new study that details how Zuckerberg’s company plays with our data.

The latest study comes from Privacy International, and it is a report that shows in detail how Facebook is present on your mobile. It does not matter if you have the Facebook application or not. Even if you do not even have a Facebook account, some of your data does end up coming to Facebook.

The study has been made with 34 applications that have between 10 and 500 million downloads, and 61% of these share information of our mobile with the social network. The process is automatic and is done from the first moment a user opens the application. The complete list is here (with an analysis of each application).

All this process is done through the Facebook SDK, which these applications integrate. This SDK is a tool that, among other things, serves to integrate functions of the social network in any application, but nobody expected it to collect information even if a user does not access social tools.

This study details what kind of information is able to collect from our mobile, where they highlight that this technique is capable of collecting sensitive information from our equipment.

The most remarkable thing is that the moment we install any of these applications, Facebook gets access to our Google advertising ID. This advertising ID is, in fact, a compilation of what Google knows about us to show us advertising.
By combining this advertising ID with the downloaded applications that send information to Facebook, this company can spin even finer, creating a more detailed profile.

Through this advertising ID neither Google nor Facebook know who we are, although they do not care either. Many times, it seems that what matters most to users is that companies know who we are, and that this is their maxim. The reality, on the other hand, is that what matters most is knowing how we are to sell advertising, even if they never knew who we are.


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