VTC applications have access to overwhelming user data to set the price of user’s trips. Recently there has been a rumor that one of these data is the percentage of battery you have left. What’s true about that?

Major companies take into account not only distance and traffic, but factors such as real-time demand and other user data. A few days ago, a viral tweet warned that Uber was taking into account your remaining battery. The theory is that if you have a low battery, you will probably pay a high price, because you can’t wait for prices to drop or risk having your mobile phone turned off.

Although Uber has an energy-saving mode that has access to the battery percentage, the company denies that it is used as a factor to raise the price. “Prices are optimized for the network as a whole, not for any individual passenger or driver,” said a company speaker. According to Uber, the algorithm to vary prices depends on data such as time of day, traffic patterns, if there is any event … In short, Uber has so much data that they do not need to use your battery percentage to charge you more.


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