Many times we need to remove the background of an image in order to combine it with others, to change the background or simply to clean it of details that we do not want to be seen. is a wonderful website that removes the background of the photos we indicate, without the need to create an account, without paying anything and without having to adjust variables or have knowledge of graphic editing.

Now they have a desktop version, for Windows, Mac and Linux, and with it we can remove the background of several photos at the same time, instead of having to do it one by one.

We only have to install the version corresponding to our operating system and drag the folder in which we have the photos. will use its artificial intelligence system to separate the background from the main object and thus obtain a set of clean images, in PNG with transparency, ready to be used in our networks, montages and editors in general.

It is also possible to indicate the background you want, in case you do not want transparency. We only have to choose the background and size once and apply it to all files. Backgrounds can be colored, small or large images, no problem there, and the values indicated will be applied to all files automatically.


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