Instagram confirms data theft of its most popular users

The most popular users on Instagram have been the victims of a theft of their data such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses. An error in the social network allowed cybercriminals to access confidential information about celebrities who have a high number of followers.

According to the company, among the hacked information there are no passwords for the accounts, and Instagram has started an investigation to find the culprits after solving the problem.

The error was discovered by a user, who was responsible for stealing data from an unknown number of celebrities with accounts on Instagram. It has not been specified how many people were involved in the hack.

Although the names of users who might be affected by the data breach were not disclosed, the social network advised those most popular about possible non-responding unknown number phone calls.

Confirmation of the leak was announced by Instagram, two days after Selena Gómez was the victim of a hack in her account. The singer, with 125 million fans, closed her account after the publication of photographs, taken in 2015, of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber naked. Account security was reset hours later and has remained active since then.


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