In the world of photo development software few names are as well known and used as the commercial offer of Adobe Lightroom, or perhaps of paid alternatives such as Capture One.

You can download Darktable 3.0 for Windows, macOS, or install it on multiple Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD distributions.

However, for years an open source tool of excellent quality has been there for us: Darktable is not only a free and open source option, but one that you can also use on Linux without juggling, and with its latest release, Darktable 3.0 has become better than ever, including a development engine that stands out even above the paid alternatives. If you want to get as much information out of a RAW as possible, you might want to take a look at it.

The list of new features and improvements in this major update is gigantic, but the following should be highlighted:

  • Darktable 3.0 has a new, more modern user interface, completely redesigned, which includes several dark and light themes and which is also customizable using GTK+ and CSS rules.
  • A mode for comparing images has been added, as well as a new mode that shows a number of consecutive images in a gallery from which you can move and zoom in.
  • New timeline view to select a range of dates to display the images.
  • Support for 4K and 5K monitors.
  • New and improved lighttable viewer with higher performance.
  • New modules: RGB, tone equalizer, noise removal, 3D lut, tagging, export, and basic settings.

It is important to know that with each new version of Darktable the database format changes, so you cannot go back to the previous version once you install 3.0. The recommendation if you are going to upgrade is to make a backup, which luckily the new Darktable 3.0 can do automatically.


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