Until now it was only available for iPhone and iPad.

With the program we can create, record, mix and share music in a very short time, from the mobile or tablet, compatible with DAW and MIDI… the complete list of functions is available at www.steinberg.net/cubasis.

In the android version we have unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks, a 32-bit floating point audio engine, audio I/O resolution up to 24 bits / 48 kHz, Micrologue virtual analog synthesizer with 126 ready-to-use presets, 120 virtual instrument sounds from acoustic piano to a wide variety of drums, miniSampler to create our own instruments, mixer with studio quality channel per track and 17 effects processors, fully automated DJ-like Spin FX effect plug-in, more than 550 MIDI and timestretch compatible audio loops, virtual keyboard, chords and drum pads with intuitive note repetition, audio editor and MIDI editor with MIDI CC support, MIDI editor for programming and editing MIDI tracks quickly and efficiently… it’s not an editor created for beginners, as most of us wouldn’t use even 5% of everything in it.

Once the job is created, it can be exported to Cubase, Google Drive, external hard drives, wireless flash drives, Dropbox and more.

While most people would never spend $50 to bundle tracks (anyone can do that with Audacity for free), having a soundboard for that price can help a lot of people working in the music business, and the Android version is something that has been in demand for a long time.


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