Valve banned to 135 519 CS:GO cheaters in July

The hunting of the cheaters is one of Valve’s dilemmas and one of his pending subjects since the CS: GO players usually encounter some of these undesirable players in the games, especially in the ones that they dispute through matchmaking of the game itself.

Fortunately, it seems that the company of Gabe Newell is progressing in its hunting of traps and, during the past month of July, managed to ban 135 519 players who used some type of third party program as the “aimbot” or “wallhack” to gain an illicit advantage in the games, spoiling the experience of the other players.

It seems that little by little, both the anti-cheating system and Overwatch, the anti-fraud analysis tool that allows the players themselves to evaluate if a third party is cheating, start to function properly eliminating these cheaters more easily.

This is the largest number of CS:GO cheats that Steam has banned during this year although the historical record is still found in June 2016 when 176.120 accounts were banned from Steam.


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