It is one of the most used utilities in vacations. The main email services usually have it, but this is not the case of WhatsApp, which does not have an automatic response option. But there is a way to do it. It’s WhatsAuto, available in the Play Store.

This application is free. Once downloaded, in the home tab we will find a switch to activate or deactivate the automatic responses. In addition, we can choose which applications will have this feature (also works for Instagram or Telegram).

Below we have the Auto Reply Text section, where we can modify the message that will be sent automatically when the option is activated. Within this section we can choose the function “personalized answer”, where we can include the text we want to send, either responding to an exact match (the message is sent when the message received is the same as the configured one) or ‘contains’ (the message is sent when the received contains a text configured as an incoming message).

The program also offers some predefined answers (such as “I’m busy / driving / sleeping / in the cinema, I’ll write you later”, “I can’t talk now”, etc.). Then we choose to which contacts those automatic replies are sent, and it’s done.


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