The Family Link app, which controls all familiar devices associated with an account, is now available without invitation.

With the huge amount of devices with Android that exist, we have reached the point where there are several of them in each family. The number does not have to match the number of adults given that children tend to have their own Android, usually tablets. Activating parental control is a good idea, also use the application that recently released Google: Family Link.

What does this application do? It is an access and control manager for the other devices linked in the family account. This way the administrator (parents) see everything that makes the rest of the accounts (children) with their devices. And it is even able to set schedules. Do not you want your kids to use the cell phone out of regular hours? Lock it and go.

See what children have used their time with the Android phone or tablet.

  • Approve or block applications that children want to install.
  • Complete weekly and monthly reports of the entire activity.
  • We can limit the time on screen of each application.
  • We can establish disconnection times: the children’s mobile or tablet will be blocked at any time we want.

Family Link is really practical for children to use their devices with maximum control and security. Not only on Android, the parental control application is also fit for iOS. Although it still has one important limitation: it only works in the United States.


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