There are phone models that convert to miniPCs when connected to a computer, or to a screen with a special dock, but in most cases, when you connect a smartphone to a computer using a cable, the only thing that happens is that you will see a new unit in File Explorer.

AirMore connects your Android to your PC or Mac, but also your iPhone and iPad. In both cases without cables, for free and from any web browser.

Instant installation

Installing AirMore has no secret. First download AirMore (Android, iPhone / iPad) and then open this address from the web browser on your PC or Mac.

The link between the mobile device and the computer is done using a QR code generated on the PC or Mac, and your smartphone or tablet will scan through the rear camera from the AirMore app.

You can also use the Radar feature to detect nearby devices if your browser allows.

Media server

The first big advantage of using AirMore is its ability to play multimedia content stored on your Android, iPhone or iPad smartphone from your PC or Mac.

It works with both photos, audio and video, which you will see in their respective sections in the web version of AirMore. Thus, the app will become the player and smartphone of wireless and mobile multimedia server.

In addition to viewing the images and playing video and audio, you will have the possibility to add more content or export it to your computer.

Managing and transferring files

With the rest of files, AirMore allows to copy or move them from the computer to the device and vice versa, very useful to use your Android or iPhone sticker or portable USB memory.

The connection is via WiFi and direct between devices, so speed is usually more than acceptable even in the case of large files.

In addition, it has a section dedicated to documents such as texts, spreadsheets or presentations.

And on Android, you will also have the option to install and uninstall applications as well as import and export installers.

Contacts and messages

In the case of Android, AirMore also allows access to your contact list, as well as send and receive text messages from your computer’s web browser and even make calls from the PC or Mac, through the Android smartphone.

And the drawbacks?

AirMore performs well, but obviously it’s not all perfect in this tool.

To begin with, you lack certain functions, such as viewing the content of the screen in real time to run Android / iOS applications on your PC / Mac.

It is possible to enable very practical functions, such as screen capture, view the Android screen in real time, or make a video recording of the same in Android or iOS, but for this you have to use other tools not integrated, through the Tools section of the AirMore web version. For each function a new window will open, it is not a practical system.

In any case, AirMore is a great solution to use your Android device or iOS as a portable media server, or as a hard drive to always carry over and connect it on any computer, without cables or complex facilities.


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