Managing a sports club is time-consuming. It could also be hectic. It’s all right when the club has a manageable number of members. Still, when the club becomes popular and more people sign up, the owner or manager must have a tool to streamline the operation, from managing the database to tracking payments and calendaring club activities.

When choosing software for club management or membership software, owners should understand that different software developers offer various features, so it is vital to ascertain what features are essential and relevant to their business operation. Selecting the software with the most useful features will help them achieve the overall success of their business, as well as a good return on investment.

The most valuable and essential tool for operators of fitness facilities is club management software that handles almost all of the business processes, from checking in of members to back-office operations.

Choosing the right productivity tool

Management software is a productivity tool with an indispensable tech support system that provides a sports club manager or owner with the ability to accomplish more tasks in a fraction of the time it would take him or her to do them manually.

For example, when looking at membership softwares, the owner should look for a product that is scalable and flexible. The application should be able to automate almost all the processes involved in operating a sports club, such as:

  • Member prospecting
  • Contract management
  • Membership management
  • Member check-in
  • Scheduling
  • Locker assignment
  • Accounting
  • Payment processing

Benefits of membership software

Technological developments allow software developers to add robust features to the application that standardise the business processes, so the output becomes consistent. Since business operations differ from club to club, you have the advantage today of finding the most suitable software for your business style.

When using club management software, it is vital to get the most out of it so that you can maximise your investment.

Primarily, the application should manage your members efficiently. It should have features that allow you to record and maintain the personal details of each member, including the status of membership, details of each transaction, booking details, and member attendance.

The software should provide your members with an excellent experience. It should have an e-commerce feature that is capable of accepting membership fees and payment for classes through your website. The transactions should automatically connect to the profile of each member so that you can accurately generate up-to-date reports.

The payment processing should be simple and easy to manage. It should be able to process different methods of payment, as well as handle cancellations, membership upgrades, and repeat subscriptions.

You should make good use of its built-in mobile app for member retention. Your club needs new members and to keep existing members, as well. Therefore, boost your membership through subtle targeted mobile marketing campaigns to your members, so that they can stay engaged with the club.

Remember, club management software should have the features to help you operate the club efficiently and help achieve success.


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