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Author: Omar Sohail

Despite the fact that Google’s Android platform is yet to be threatened by the likes of iOS, Windows or BB OS, it is a whole different story when you take a look at the statistics from different regions. In the U.S., Cupertino tech giant Apple leads with a comprehensive margin over its arch rival Samsung, indicating that iPhones have become a popular handset in developed regions.

Apple leads the US smartphone market share substantially

Apple Leads In The U.S. With A Dominating 43.5 Percent Market Share; Samsung Is Yet To Reach 30 Percent

According to Comscore, there are approximately 189.7 million people residing in the U.S. that own smartphones (that is equal to a 76.8 percent mobile market penetration). Out of the aforementioned figure, Apple was ranked as the OEM with a 43.5 percent of U.S. smartphone subscribers. The market share for the company went up by 1.8 percentage points from February, indicating that the company’s large screen iPhone duo is still doing well in the region.

Apple leads the US smartphone market share substantially

Apple’s closest rival in the smartphone industry, Samsung did not fare as well since it possess a market share of just 28.7 percent. In percentage point’s comparison table, the sales tally were only sufficient enough to bring that total market share up to 0.1 percent. The next firm was LG, with an 8.2 percent market share, followed by Motorola (4.9 percent), and last HTC, which is having the worst time in the industry.


However, the story takes a different turn of events when smartphone OS market is given a comparison. According to the source, Google’s Android platform retained the top spot with a 52.1 percent market share. However, owing to the popularity of Apple’s iPhones, the market share had dropped 0.7 percentage points in January-end. iOS trails behind Android with a market share of 43.5 percent, and has jumped 1.8 percentage points.

Apple leads the US smartphone market share substantially

With the release of its iPhone 6s duo, Apple will be looking to increase its hold in the U.S. market even further, bringing it one step closer to dethroning Android.

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