If we do not find the mobile, and we do not have any way of finding its position with the native resources of the device, it is still possible to find it using SMS.

Now there is the Location SMS app, an application that responds with the GPS coordinates of the mobile when it receives the text message Where are you?.

Another function it offers is to make the device to sound high. Even when it is in silent mode, we can send the text message “lost” to the lost phone to be played in high volume, similar to what can be done with the lost mobile tool of Google, for example, but in this case responds to a simple SMS, being more practical when we do not have Internet nearby. This is its main advantage, it does not require the device to have an Internet connection to be located, so we do not need Wi-Fi or data connection. We can always find our lost device, even if it is not connected.

We can grant permission on who can locate our phone, establishing an access code or selecting trusted contacts.

We can also use it to indicate that we have arrived safely at work or school every day, something possible thanks to the ‘Geofence‘ function, which automatically sends a text message to the person we choose every time we enter or leave a website. area. We can even configure ‘Geofences’ to send messages only to people on certain days at specific times.

Ideal for explorers, young and old, although we must bear in mind that in many cases the SMS are not free, so it is not wise to abuse the system.


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