This current situation of the coronavirus crisis has led many governments and citizens of different countries to look at China with different eyes, there are more and more application users is that they see in these little less than a form of espionage by foreign governments. This is what explains that an application that tells us what Chinese applications we have on our mobile has triumphed in countries like India.

There, an application that is barely two weeks old has gone viral. We can download it from the Google Play Store and it simply serves to detect which Chinese applications we have installed on our mobile. Once scanned our terminal will tell us what those apps are, and it is up to us to delete them or not.

The developer of the application indicates that it has been created for educational purposes, simply to know the country of origin of each of the applications we have installed on our mobile.

However, this argument is dismantled when the only country we can install the app from is India, and the name of the app is Remove China Apps.


The app has been deleted by Google (June 3) because the application violated Google Play’s policy of deceptive behavior. The specific reason for the application being removed is the Misleading Changes to Device Settings.




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