Amazon Company is one of the biggest online stores on the internet and since its inception it has been the go to marketplace for buyers across nations worldwide. It is also one of the most trusted buy and sell platforms for small businesses opening up opportunities for folks with entrepreneurial mindset to sell through the platform. This has opened up job opportunities both formally and informally. Formally for those folks who are working as direct employees with the firm. These are folks receiving customers’ sales orders, processing them and shipping them out. These are customer service staffs also taking queries on hourly basis attending to buyers’ requests, complaints and payment matters. They are the blue-collar and white-collar workforce making the company operate as effortless and near flawless as most people see on the surface level. These consist of career workers from various walks of life from engineering, marketing, law, sales, programmers, developers, and accountants amongst others.


And for the informal ones, we are talking about folks that have their products and goods uploaded on the e-commerce site with the product handled by FBA program. Many folks selling through the Amazon platform have made several hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars in profits minus tax and Amazon sales commissions charged.

It is a company that is helping a lot in the world business and employment scenario as unemployment rates are high in the economy. With this said – the company Amazon has announced its proposition to roll out 100,000 seasonal jobs this quarter for the holidays. The America e-commerce giant has set this out and it will cover various job roles across the corporation’s shipping warehouses and sorting spots in the U.S. It isn’t stopping at that number of 100,000 employees for the holiday, as it has been noted to have hired about 25,000 permanent workforces in the run up to the breaks.

Amazon says it has brought into its workforce over 25,000 full time employees across the United States in recent months and is excited to be adding an extra 100,000 seasonal staffs in the forthcoming holiday period. This was announced by Mike Roth, Amazon’s vice president of North America operation!

In 2014 alone, the company hired around 80,000 seasonal staff during the holiday time that year. The e-commerce giant mentioned it has about 97,000 permanent employees across its several over 55 fulfillment spots and 20 other sorting bases in the U.S.

The company is doing this to be able to meet the high demands and work needs during the holiday sales periods. During the holidays, Amazon stores receive huge sales that accounts in its hundreds of millions of dollars, and the only way to meet the demands of several millions of unit orders, is to execute what it has planned to do – employing the 100k workforce. With such high times like the cyber Monday, black Friday, Christmas and New Year holidays, sales more than quadruple and this is because of the amazing discounts at such times.


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