In web development using the WordPress platform, many administrators decide to take advantage of the usefulness of the Yoast SEO plugin to improve the SEO positioning of the site they have created.

This plugin is very useful and is used all over the world, however it has both advantages and disadvantages, which we expose below.

Advantages of Yoast SEO

1.- Easy to install

The Yoast SEO plugin can be installed in just a couple of clicks. The configuration is very simple and compatible with almost any version of WordPress.

Compared to a handmade SEO, the difference is abysmal. The development is already done and can be used from the first moment.

2.- It allows to optimize each page

Yoast SEO allows a global optimization of the site, as well as a customized optimization of each web page. No doubt the latter, although it requires more work, is also much more recommendable.

The best thing is that, in addition, it is installed indistinctly in entries of a blog like in pages of the site, so that its personalization can be given literally in any part of our web.

3.- It gives guidelines for improvement

In the latest versions you have installed what are called improvement guidelines. It identifies one by one the SEO elements that we can improve in optimization, so that at the end the analysis that shows is optimal.

Disadvantages of Yoast SEO

1.- Limitation in keyword analysis

Yoas SEO offers a detailed analysis by keyword. But if the keyword is composed or if we want to do it of two keywords no longer serves us.

Its analysis is completely specific to what you wrote, so if we search for “grocery London”, most values will be wrong, since it is logical to write “groceries in London”.

2.- Some criteria are debatable

Just as the analysis is limited, the optimization criteria are sometimes quite debatable.

In SEO positioning there is no guide that specifies the rules for perfect optimization, but everything is based on previous tests, information provided by Google and constant analysis of professionals.

For that reason, the values of density, number of words or position of some terms can not always be stated as Yoast SEO does.

3.- Not always right

The biggest disadvantage is that the system is not error-proof. It has many and sometimes indicatesĀ in its analysis variables that we comply, but that it fails to detect.


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