Li Kaixiang, a busy Chinese programmer, has decided to use his computer skills to improve his relationship. The young man has created a bot in Wechat, the most widely used messaging application in China, which answers his girlfriend automatically 24 hours a day.

Li told the social network Sina Weibo that he is very busy working as a programmer for the e-commerce company, so he decided to design this bot to compensate for his little free time.

“Honey, this is the 618th day we’re together. I hope your mood today is brighter than the sun,” was one of the messages that were sent automatically. That day, according to the programmer, his girlfriend and bot exchanged about 300 messages. In addition to these responses, the chatbot sends data about temperature or air quality. Even so, although this weather information may reveal that they are automated messages, Li did not make it clear in his publication whether his girlfriend is aware that it is a bot answering him.

Li Kaixiang has also not mentioned how his tool is designed or what algorithm he uses to know what answers he has to give, but the bot has stood out among Chinese Internet users because they consider it uses many buzzwords on the Internet. “It’s a great idea. I wouldn’t have to worry about my girlfriend getting angry for not answering her messages,” commented one user. On the other hand, others warn him that his girlfriend will end up realizing and could have much worse consequences: “Be careful, your girlfriend could fall in love with that chatbot one day,” warned another user in a comment


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