With more people owning smartphones each year, the market for mobile apps has grown exponentially. From apps that allow you to play intricate and increasingly large games to ones that can track your health and fitness, mobile app development isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it’s expected to see huge growth in the coming year. For those who like to keep their finger on the pulse of the app development industry, here are a few trends that are expected in 2019.

1. Expect More Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

More mobile apps have already integrated AI into their programs than many people may have probably realized. AI is present in chatbots and Siri is actually one of the best examples of this trend. This is one of the reasons why machine learning is becoming a part of mobile apps. In fact, there is a rising demand for AI, so expect to see more virtual assistants and chatbots in 2019. With a more personalised experience, people are looking for apps that can be more self-directed and will make their everyday lives simpler than ever.

2. Increased Mobile Payments

In 2017, Google saw their mobile app payments reach the $700 million mark. This was an increase of almost $500 million in just four years. In fact, Google made it even easier to use mobile payments with their new Pay service. You can pay in apps, in-store, and even on websites that use cards which have been saved to your account. Instead of paying for goods using a credit card, more consumers are using pay-based apps on their smartphones. This m-commerce is fast and convenient. And it’s expected to see continued growth in 2019.

3. Wearable Apps

The wearable app market has seen growth recently and it’s anticipated that this growth will see a jump in 2019. Wearable technology used to be fairly simple with basic features like tracking the number of steps or distance travelled. The average smartphone now comes preloaded with several health tracking apps, though many are still fairly basic at present. However, app developers are now supporting devices which help manage a number of diseases and conditions using a variety of wearable devices used in conjunction with smartphones. As the world becomes more aware of the importance of health and fitness, there is an increased demand for developers to create innovative health apps.

4. Instant Apps

As people are more interested in developing apps at a greater rate, there will be a rise in apps which can be viewed without actually needing to be installed. This ability to modularise an app so that users can only load the content they need will see growth in 2019.

This growth will be beneficial for app developers who want to market their ideas to the general public. The Australian company Appetiser is a great example to look at, as their portfolio features clients from all around the world – not just the country that they’re based in. Having a mobile app developer will also be a trend for people who want to reach the world with their unique ideas. People who use an app development team are already enjoying the benefits of easy app development. Not only can they develop apps more easily, but they also enjoy world-class designs and a significant marketing push.

5. Increased Mobile Security Apps

Although it’s nothing new to the app world, several high-profile companies have been hacked and users are more concerned than ever with privacy. Uber was hacked and even large companies such as Google and Facebook have admitted to having security lapses. App developers are more invested in cybersecurity, especially since this is linked to privacy laws. Expect some of the best minds in the industry to be working on more secure apps.

6. More Cloud Integration

Cloud computing offers a new world of possibilities and more people are going to be signing on. From reduced hosting costs to better storage, there are many advantages of developing mobile apps over the cloud. Even users who have not spent much time or effort looking at cloud computing will notice that it has significant benefits for loading capacity and streamlining integrations. The cloud isn’t going anywhere.

7. Increased Augmented Reality

Pokémon Go was a huge hit, but it’s seen a decrease in popularity over time. However, augmented and virtual reality are still going strong. They’re expected to continue to be a large part of the app market and grow exponentially in the coming year. It’s predicted that AR and VR market will reach over $200 billion by the year 2020. Developers are going to have to work hard to make these mobile app experiences amazing. Expect to see compatible hardware entering the market, although some are already out there.


Although it’s unlikely that these will be the only changes in app development, expect to see these trends in 2019. From increases in privacy to greater convenience, people are using apps to run their lives more than ever before. Expect to see these trends becoming a part of the app market in 2019.


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