When hunting for a perfect house, you may get easily swept away by seeing the exterior charm and you may forget the important aspect which remains your budget. Now the time has become tougher these days and the real estate market in India has changed a lot. With an investment aim, many middle and upper class families prefer buying properties in Delhi. You will find many homes for sale, which are offered at competitive price. If you are in the market in search of a new home, there are certain things you must consider before fixing a property. It is probably one of the most important purchases you would ever make, so keep every step forward very careful. You can even consider the following things while looking for houses for rent in Coimbatore.

  1. Give importance to your priorities

Before you start the house hunting process, you must sit down and write out everything you want in a home. Then choose your top 5 must have things and keep the checklist with you while in search of new homes. Once you start looking for properties in and around Delhi, instead of going behind the charming features, the priority list has to be kept at hand to help you stay on track. Once you see a dozen of homes, it may be difficult for you to track the features you have noticed in each one. To make things easier, create a comparison chart and consider certain things such as landscaping, roof, natural light in each room, the storage spaces and cost per square feet. This chart will help you to take a final decision.

  1. Get a pre-approved loan

The pre-approval process for housing loan is through qualification. You must contact some financial institutions to get an idea how much loan amount you would be eligible for and what all documents are required. You must shop around for a home loan and check with the interest rate in different banks. Compare the interest rates and processing period. If you take a pre-approval of loan, this will give you enough purchasing power and you will become confident that you are financially fit to make a purchase. The process will keep you updated with various financing options available in today’s market.

  1. Check the property during different times of day

Once you have decided with an apartment or a property, you must come back once more to check the property, you wish to buy. Walk from the front to the back of the house and find out what all things are lacking and what all things you wish to add in the future. Inside the house, you must take measurement of each room to get an idea whether your furniture would fit in each room perfectly. If you are planning to purchase new furnitures, check whether there is enough space in rooms to keep them. Proper storage is required, so note the number and size of cupboards the house have. Make sure each room has enough storage area. Check for the ceilings, walls, floors, windows and under the sink.

  1. Don’t judge the house by it’s exterior cover

Most sellers before selling their home prepares the property and make it look beautiful to attract potential buyers. Some exterior paints can make the home look fantastic, but it is important to look beyond the décor. You must look at the structure and whether the rooms are large enough to occupy all of your furniture. You must check whether the ceilings are tall enough. It is very important to check the light fixtures, wall, floors, closet and other bathroom accessories. You must focus on the price and the interior of the house.


  1. I came to your 4 things a buyer should know when purchasing properties in Delhi page and noticed you should updte the post because markets change too quick here in Delhi.


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