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The price for one of the ads in the sections/category pages (one clik away from the homepage) is 30$/year

  • you must provide a decent quality image
  • image is linked naturally without javascript, nofollows nor any kind of tricks
  • links won’t point to sites about casinos, betting, bankruptcy, credit recovering, pills, erotism and other “gray areas”. If you doubt if your topic is included in those areas, then yes, it is.
  • the payment must be made via Paypal and the ad will be “live” the next day after the payment is received

The price for one of the two linked ads in the homepage (728×90 or 336×300) is 25$/mo (at least six months) and a 468×60 banner in in the top or the end of an article costs 5$/year.

If you have content to show (text, video, infographics, etc) I can publish it here and display it all over my personal social netwoks profiles (Google+) and the profiles related to this website (Google+, Twitter, Facebook).

Please, email me and let’s talk.