Downgrade from the latest iOS 7.0.4 – How to

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Author: Shaikh Rafia

Apple just released its latest iOS 7.0.4 update yesterday. While it debugged many little bugs found earlier like the Facetime bug, several users are still not satisfied. Some people have even reported finding more bugs in this upgrade than the previous. Hence they intend to downgrade iOS 7.0.4 to the earlier updates.

iOS 7.0.4 problems reported so far include a major issue of internet connectivity. Users although able to post their issues online report that the device is giving them network connectivity error. Another user suffered from Outlook sync saying Outlook was unable to verify account information. One repeated occurred issue faced by many users is the slow performance of iPhone.

If you are also suffering from these (or other) issues and wish to downgrade iOS 7.0.4, here are the steps and direct download links to save you out.

iOS 7.0.4 bugs reported:

  • 7.0.4 forced a complete restore;
  • Slow and sluggish performance;
  • Outlook unable to verify account info;
  • and Internet connectivity issues.

Not satisfied with this latest update? Here is how to downgrade iOS 7.0.4.

How to downgrade iOS 7.0.4 to iOS 7.0.3 / 7.0.2 / iOS 7:

Prerequisites: make sure you have updated to iTunes 11.1. Download links are shared after the steps.

Steps to downgrade iOS 7.0.4:

  • Download appropriate iOS firmware file for your device – direct download links below.
  • Connect your Apple device to your computer using an USB cable; wait for iTunes to open and connect to your device.
  • Click on the device button in iTunes.
  • Hold down the option key (Mac) or shift key (Windows) and click Check for Update button in the Summary pane. 
  • Locate the .ipsw file downloaded from links shared and select it.
  • In case iTunes tell you there is no new version to downgrade to:
    • Forcibly do it by first creating a backup, and then putting your Apple device into DFU (Direct Firmware Update) mode.
    • DFU mode will ensure you download and install the firmware that you want on your iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Direct download links:

Downgrade iOS 7.0.4 – iOS 7 download links:

Direct download links for iOS 7.0.2:downgrade ios 7.0.4

Direct download links for iOS 7.0.3:

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