Poop Art: This Cobra Sculpture is Made From Frozen Cow Manure

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Author: Hazel

Cobra Poop

This is a gargantuan sculpture of a coiled cobra that’s poised to attack. On any given day, I’d describe it as not-bad-but-not-exactly-amazing stuff. That is, with the assumption that the cobra was sculpted from mud. But it’s not.

Instead, this sculpture is actually formed from frozen cow poop. Dung. Manure. Crap. Whatever you want to call it. So let me revise my earlier statement and say that this is one amazing poop sculpture because it takes some real guts to work with a medium as disgusting as this one.

Cobra Poop

Sculpted by Russian Mikhail Bopposov, who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty every now and then.

(via Obvious Winner)

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