European shoppers angered by LG’s Nexus 4 price

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Author: Andrew Ramsey

One Android handset that gives you more bang for the buck is the Google Nexus 4. It offers relatively similar specs as the Samsung Galaxy S3 at half the price. It can be yours via Google Play for a mere £239, which is one of the reasons the handset was awarded CNET’s Editor’s choice award. However, if you’re planning to purchase the smartphone from a retailer, it will cost you an arm and a leg, which has angered potential European buyers.

The Next Web reports that the Spanish Carphone Warehouse has chosen not to offers the new Nexus smartphone. It posts on its Facebook page that “the recommended retail price by LG of €599.” This is nowhere near Google’s suggested retail price of £239.

In Austria, der Standard says that LG is offering the 16GB version for €549 (approximately £479), when the phone is sold at Google Play for £279. Reportedly, the 8GB version will not be sold in Austria.

Comments from angry LG fans have flogged the Korean firm’s Facebook page, letting the company know how they feel about the phone’s price tag.

One of the fans said, “You guys are the WORST company ever if you would sell this for €600 in non-Google Play countries! If you did then your phone is not worthy to carry the Nexus brand.”

Another fan says, “LG you make me sick! Here in Italy, never again buy your own phone!!!!”

Carphone Warehouse UK is offering the Google Nexus 4 on contract deals for £31 per month. At £31 a month, you’re better off getting the handset SIM-free from Google Play. You can then get a SIM-only tariff from any network for the handset.

Why do you think LG is selling the Google Nexus 4 at an expensive price? Share your opinion in a comment below.

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